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Conscious Quarterback

Conscious Quarterback came to be from doing private lessons as a side gig during my playing days at Louisville. I saw how much I loved impacting young QBs on a personal level & seeing them develop as a player. This lit up my heart & I knew this is how I want to give back. I love to serve in this way because I get to pour love on your son 1 on 1. Then I expanded how I can show up in this space & that’s when Conscious Quarterback Bootcamps came to be. I will take my 1 on 1 approach into these small groups as my main goal is to personally impact each QB so they know how important their journey is. QB is a great way to grow as a man & make you a better person. This one of the reasons I’m obsessed with the position. There is no hiding & have to confront each part of yourself to be free out there as you play. I am here to share the tools I have used to free myself to be my most authentic self on & off the field. 

-Brock Domann

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Louisville Quarterback Bootcamp

March 17th from 12:30 pm- 5:30 pm

  • 2 on the field sessions 
  • 2 off the field sessions 
  • 1-1 coaching in a group environment
  • Catered lunch 
We will cover:
  • Recruiting
  • Football IQ
  • Crisis Management 
  • Technical Skill with QB Mechanics
  • Skills Competition
  • Visualization
Hosted at:
King Louie’s Sports Complex 
600 N English Station Rd
Louisville, KY 40223
United States
Only 10 spots available. High School athletes only. 

Online Coaching

We will dive into Football IQ, Elite mindset tools, Football Crisis Management, how to navigate the heightened emotions of the game, recruiting, & more when on these FaceTimes with me.  

1 call- $60 

5 calls- $55 

10 calls- $50 

In-Person Training

Mentorship & training intertwined as I take your son through personalized drills for his needs & challenge him in the areas that he needs most growth in. 


1 session- $100 

5 sessions- $95 

10 sessions- $90 

Client testimonials

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I can’t say enough about Brock’s ability to connect with and cultivate talent. My son is a multi-sport athlete whose primary sport was basketball. After deciding to focus on football (and more specifically quarterback) he was fortunate enough to get connected with Brock for training. Brock has a unique ability to communicate with athletes. Over the course of 3 months I watched him grow from being just an athlete to a confident quarterback. His technique, footwork and all-around IQ had really developed. If your player has the ability, I can say to you confidently that Brock can draw it out and develop it. 

-Phillip Bradshaw

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