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My journey

Growing up in Colorado Springs, with a dad who's an NFL agent and a mom working for the US Olympic Committee, alongside siblings deeply involved in sports, I was inspired to pursue football. Surrounded by my dad's NFL clients, I absorbed their stories of overcoming challenges. With support from family and my own determination, I excelled in youth and high school football. College brought adversity, testing my resolve, but I persevered, fulfilling my dream at Louisville. Now, preparing for the GFL, I'm fueled by my love for the game and a desire to mentor young quarterbacks, sharing the lessons I've learned.I love and am obsessed with what football brings out of me. As a Quarterback you have to be so sharp mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is amazing because this is the desire of my soul to bring the most out of me in this life. I desire to serve young QB's the way I have been poured into and all my love for this game into them so they can connect with their inner warrior that is willing to do whatever it takes to live this dream. 

As a faith driven man, I desire to live in integrity on who I am and how I do business. I play football to become a more free version of myself. What inspired me to be in the coaching space is two men who have forever impacted my life:

Ryan Porter, he is a private QB coach located out of Orange County, I met him while I was in JUCO in California. He took me in as his own son and encouraged me and empowered me to be my best self, he also is very connected with college coaches and helped me get my scholarship to Louisville. Without him I wouldn't be where I am today.

Scott Seymour is my mentor, he is located out of Austin TX. He met me when I was at JUCO for the second time in Independence KS, he has shown me vulnerability, openness, owning my worth, and spiritual tools that has helped me become a better person and football player. Without him I wouldn't be where I am today.

The reason I share these two men is because I see myself as a combination of these men. I am here to show up in the Quarterback training space not only as a coach but also has a mentor and friend. I have seen what truly caring for someone and pouring into them has done for me and how much it has transformed my life and I desire to take that into this business with whoever God brings into my space. 


  • Made the Colorado FBU team who made it to the National Championship game in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in 8th grade
  • Undefeated freshmen football season
  • Won 3 state championships at Pine Creek High School 
  • National Honors Society with a 3.5 GPA
  • All-State for Colorado my senior year
  • Offensive MVP senior year 
  • Broke school records for most yards and passing TD's
  • Took Ventura to the JUCO National Championship in Sacramento 
  • Offensive MVP of the Ventura Pirates
  • Earned my first D1 scholarship to Campbell University 
  • JUCO All-American at Independence 
  • 3-1 as starter at University of Louisville
  • Student athlete of the week at Louisville
  • Wasabi Fenway Bowl Starter and Champion 
  • ACC Academic All-American all three years at Louisville
  • Degree in Sports Administration
  • Successfully served as host to back-to-back years of Cardinals Youth Football Camp where 89 kids came year 1 and 121 kids came year two
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